Polio Ambassador and King of Live Band, Akiin Shuga inspires confidence in other polio survivors

After suffering polio at the age of five but rising above it to found Nigeria’s leading band, become a husband, father, and polio ambassador, Akiin Tofowomo, popularly known as Akiin Shuga took to his Instagram page to inspire confidence in other polio survivors all around the country.

There is a shame that comes with the looks of many polio survivors. They are often unable to walk the same way everyone does or play the way others do. This also affects how they take pictures and how they post them on social media. Their self-esteems are consequently not in top shape because they feel less of themselves based on their looks. Akiin Shuga took to Instagram to inspire other survivors to share their full picture online as a show of self-confidence.

Taking to his Instagram page, he made this known:

“Don’t let the society or social media determine what the best slay queen or man’s hotness is. No one is in a position to determine you! I got your message about not being confident enough to upload your FULL picture on social media my fellow polio survivor and I just had to do this once again to encourage you. What you feel is perfectly normal, but the buck stops at your table. Jesus said, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” That sounds strange, abi? Jesus must have known that we would never be perfect, if by perfect he meant without flaws, without needs, without hurts, without wants. I could go on with all the inadequacies of our being and everyday lives. That can be depressing. What you see in that YOU is the wholeness of completion, the end for which you were created. The whole world needs you and I to provide a picture/pictures of life with a disability in all its possibilities and limitations, with all its gifts and all its struggles. No one is perfect, why do we want to deceive ourselves that we are?” he said.

Akiin Shuga, the leader of the 14-piece live band, Shuga was recently unveiled as the Rotary International District 9110 Polio Ambassador. He rounded off the message infusing Rotary’s message:

“As Rotary and the world at large is working towards polio eradication, we as survivors and cross-bearers should keep hope alive. Be confident, be you, rule your space and be that stylish you, while you do so. I will be waiting to do a repost of it, don’t fall my hand oooo. I hope this helps. God bless you!” he concluded.

This has encouraged other survivors who have now taken to social media to share their stories and their full picture.

The polio ambassador has also hinted that his main project will be the, “I can walk tour” and a song titled “I Can Walk” dedicated to polio victims in Africa. His key objective with the tour is to ensure all proceeds from the recordings and shows are added to what Rotary is already doing to help polio victims in Nigeria.

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