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World Vaccination Week 24- 30th April

The practice of immunization dates back hundreds of years. Buddhist monks drank snake venom to confer immunity to snakebite and variolation (smearing of a skin tear with cowpox to confer immunity to smallpox) was practiced in 17th century Ming dynasty China. Evidence exists that the Chinese employed smallpox inoculation as early as 1000 CE. It was practiced in Africa and Turkey as well before it spread to Europe and the Americas. Edward Jenner’s innovations, begun with his successful 1796 use of cowpox material to create immunity to smallpox, quickly made the practice widespread. This was the first scientific work on a vaccine and vaccination…….. DOWNLOAD PDF

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On a mission to ensure the END OF POLIO in Nigeria NOW! Polioplus Nigeria assists The Rotary Foundation (TRF) in achieving its objectives in polio eradication . . .